Like A Disney Movie - Barry Hart

Still being written, and getting better by the chapter, Barry Hart’s life is akin to a Disney Movie. 

Growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn, Barry Hart’s life was similar to many inner-city youth; tough home life, tough neighborhood, generational poverty, lack of male role models, and few opportunities to direct the youthful energy that all humans experience.

That is  until his freshman year when he went out for the Wingate Campus Wrestling Team lead by one of the greatest program builders in wrestling, Steve Flanagan.

Orchestrated and coached by Flanagan, Barry Hart and his cohort of teammates out of Brooklyn would go on to not only change the history books and landscape in NYC Wrestling, but have made generational impacts for themselves, their families, their neighborhoods, and continues into the communities in which they now live and work.

Being all things to all people is generally not advised, but Barry Hart has figured out a way to be that person within the wrestling community of NYC.

Holding positions as both Head Boys Coach for Beat The Streets and as an Assistant Women’s Coach at New Jersey City University, Barry Hart carries the soul of NYC Wrestling and what our sport means to so many.

Have a look, and listen below at some effort created around how great of human being and coach Barry Hart is:


High School: George W. Wingate Campus

College: Niagra County Community College & Hunter College

Coaching: Beat the Streets NYC & New Jersey City University