Kingston Daniells-Silva: On The Rise

A quick spotlight on an NYC wrestler competing at Fargo this year.

So here’s the deal, Kingston DaSilva originates from Manhattan in NYC, but for the past year has been attending Northfield Mount Hermon high school, a boarding school in Mount Hermon, Massachusetts, due to the uncertainty of the NYC wrestling landscape at the time. This 9th grader has been making plenty of waves, with his biggest accomplishment,  becoming an All-American at the VA Beach nationals back on March 6th! 

Kingston DaSilva
Kingston, getting his hand raised at the 2022 Virginia Beach National Championships

Kingston told me himself that, due to a minor concussion that he suffered during that tournament, he unfortunately had to injury-forfeit for 6th place. However, I checked up with him while he was recovering, and he was feeling good enough to go wrestle at the 2022 Northeast Regionals in Atlantic City, NJ. On that day, May 15th, Kingston wound up taking 6th place at the regionals, and has qualified for Fargo!

Kingston, hitting a double leg at the 2022 Northeast Regional Championships
Kingston, in his corner at the 2022 Northeast Regional Championships

I’ve known Kingston since he first started wrestling at Beat The Streets around late 2018, I got to practice with him a bunch over the years, lately he’s been training at EDGE Hoboken, where he’s been making all those huge jumps. He went from a short pudgy kid, to a tall, jacked, and really athletic stud, who’s doing all this stuff as a 9th GRADER! I really believe that Kingston is gonna ride this wave of success, and come back to NYC with a nice shiny stop-sign in his hands. Stay tuned…

Written by: Julius Whetstone