Aliaksandr Kikiniou wins the 16u Greco-Roman National Title at Fargo!

The lone national champion from NYC, Aliaksandr Kikiniou had a DOMINANT performance at the 2022 16u Greco-Roman National Championships at Fargo! Born and raised in Brooklyn, Aliaksandr spent most of his wrestling tenure training at Elite Wrestling Academy in Sheapshead Bay. But in the Summer of 2021, Aliaksandr and his family moved to California, where he began attending Poway high school. This is why he represented  team California at Fargo this year. After failing to make the podium in Freestyle(3-2), he bounced back tremendously in the Greco-Roman portion, outscoring all of his opponents 30-3!


Aliaksandr taking the mat at Fargo 2022.

That Phenomenal performance allowed Aliaksandr to reach the top of the podium, becoming the lone national champion from the Greco-Roman contingent of Team California, and the only NYC wrestler to reach the top this year, avenging his underwhelming performance in 2021.


Aliaksandr's podium picture after winning the 2022 16u Greco-Roman National Championship at Fargo 2022!

In addition to that, and along with 5 other All-Americans, Aliaksandr Kikiniou was able to help Team California’s Greco-Roman contingent capture the 2022 Greco-Roman team National Championship!

Aliaksandr and Team California, posing with the 2022 Greco-Roman 16u National Championship trophy.

I’ve gotten to train with Aliaksandr a lot while he was still in NYC, and it is no surprise to me that he was able to look as dominant as he did. A California wrestler on paper, but an NYC wrestler at heart, Aliaksandr Kikiniou showed everybody in California, and everyone across the entire country, what NYC wrestling is made of.

Written by: Julius Whetstone