The recent rise in NYC Wrestling

NYC Wrestling is on an upswing, and I’m gonna talk about it

A great shot of Manhattan in broad daylight, a depiction of how bright NYC wrestling's future is.

So, when discussing the rise of NYC wrestling going into this season, I’m going to put the spotlight on some of NYC’s current wrestlers, who I feel are leading the charge, and will have great success this upcoming 2023-2024 season, thus raising the stock of NYC wrestling. And, I’m only mentioning current nyc wrestlers, that still wrestle in nyc, so that means I won’t be mentioning people like Sulayman Bah and Kingston DaSilva, although both are very good and began their careers in NYC, they both currently wrestle on PA and Massachusetts teams respectively. So without further a due, let’s talk about why NYC wrestling is on an upswing.


"Manhattan's best kept secret" Sean Tansey

Sean Tansey, standing on the D2 podium at the 2022 public school NYS Championships

Let’s start with Collegiate’s Sean Tansey. He’s been wrestling since he was in 7th grade, and took the long perennial path, under the guidance of coach Emerson Miranda, to eventually earn 7th place in Division 2 at the 2022 NYS championships at 152lbs. Sean will go into his senior year at Collegiate this upcoming season, and looking at his success last season, Sean’s in the market for a state championship come February of 2023.

"An unknown stud" Evin Gursoy

Evin Gursoy standing on the D1 podium at the 2022 NYS Championships.

I met this kid back at  Mayor’s Cup in January, his teammates at Midwood were raving about how good he is, and they were right. He was a youth wrestler before coming into high school, and is affiliated with the whole European-Wrestling influence in Brooklyn, and that’s a big part of why he went on to earn 3rd at the 2022 NYS championships, division 1, as a freshman at 102lbs. If people didn’t know who he was before, they sure know him now, and I believe he’ll continue his success in 2023.

"He ain't underrated anymore" Christian Solano

Solano, on the D2 podium at the 2022 NYS Championships.

Christian Solano, a young stud from Eagle Academy. He won the 2022 Mayor’s Cup in a great match, he then went on to the State Championships in February, and earned himself an 8th place spot on the D2 podium at 285lbs. We all know how consistent Eagle’s program is, especially in the transition their wrestlers make from middle school to high school, and their alumni contingent that consistently help out. So it’ll be no surprise to see Christian earn a higher spot on that podium in 2023.

"A Perennial champion" Alan Pinkhasov

Alan getting his hand raised during the 2021-22 season as a part of Tottenville

An upcoming senior from Tottenville, Alan Pinkhasov has had quite the journey in his young wrestling career, most notably the major improvements made in his physique. He unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to the State tournament in 2022, but based on the consistency that he’s had in competing in as many high level tournaments as he can get into, such as, NHSCA’s; Fargo; and Journeyman, Alan is doing everything he needs to do to make sure he can finally break through in 2023.

"The Future" Tristan Levin

Tristan Levin
Tristan Levin getting his hand raised at the 2022 BTS National Duals.

Tristan Levin, he’s been very consistent as a youth wrestler, became a middle school NYS Champion in 2022, and recently competed pretty well at the 2022 New England Classic in New Hampshire. With all that consistency, and now being a Freshman on a strong team in Tottenville, I have no doubt that Tristan Levin will make noise right away in 2023.

NYC wrestling is gonna do big things in 2023, and I can’t wait to see it. 



Written by: Julius Whetstone