NYC Wrestling is reaching it’s APEX

The logo for the APEX wrestling School

A wrestling club that has  been well established, across many locations in the state of New Jersey, had recently opened up a new location in New York City. On October 2nd, 2022, the opening day for the APEX NYC location saw a guest clinician in Joe Warren, who was a Greco-Roman World Champion, Bellator MMA Champion, and is in the Hall of Fame. Coach Emmerson Miranda(assistant coach at Collegiate HS in Manhattan) is also affiliated with this club, along with the founder of APEX, 2x D1 NCAA All-American for The University of Michigan, Coach Damian Logan. 

Joe Warren showing technique with Damian Logan on APEX NYC's opening day.
Coach Emmerson Miranda, with Damian Logan's son Gabe at APEX NYC's opening day.

This is a very big deal for NYC wrestling. Most notably because of the location. The NYC branch of APEX is located on 347 W 34th St. New York, NY 10001, and EVERYBODY knows how to get to 34th street. Just the accessibility to this location alone, not to mention the high-level prestige this club already has, I see a potential influx of some high-level NJ, LI, Upstate NY, and possibly even PA or New England wrestlers, dropping by from time to time and mixing it up with the NYC wrestlers. All of the points I just made, especially that last one right there, are going to be responsible for some big jumps being made in NYC wrestling. 


Written by: Julius Whetstone